Book: John Henry Lewis (1856-1940), Cobb County, Georgia, His Life and Journals

Author:  Blanche M. Wallace

Concept: Narrative non-fiction family history: thirty page biographical sketch of John Henry Lewis, his five wives, and eleven children; transcription of two journals dating 1882-1889;  summary transcription and copies of original pages of one accounts book dating 1886-1905; over 60 excerpts from newspaper columns written by John Henry Lewis using pen name “Stylus.”

Specifications: 8.5 in. x 11 in. x 1.2 in. / 325 pages / black & white text / 10.5 point font / 1.2 line spacing /38 illustrations / full color covers /

Interior:   18 pages front matter including list of illustrations

130 pages text in two parts: Part I Biographical Sketch; Part II Transcriptions

4 pages Descendants List (4 generations); 1 page Ancestors List

30 pages documents, letters, maps, etc. in two Appendices

12 pages Notes (source citations)

10 pages, 3-column Index of all names and all places, plus other categoriesincluding events, businesses, local societies, etc.

Cover: Color; John Henry Lewis home and family, circa 1900.


Copies have been donated to the Cobb County Public Library, Marietta, Georgia; Washington Memorial Library, Macon, Georgia; and the Georgia Genealogical Society.

Please contact me through the “Comment” section if you desire further information or wish to obtain a copy. I will be happy to check the index for a name.