John Lewis (1790-1880) – War of 1812 Pension File

This is a summary of the documents in the original file obtained from the National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D. C.

  • Served during the War of 1812 as a Private Soldier in the Company of Capt. John G. Colbert, 2nd Regiment of the Georgia Militia under General Floyd
  • Drafted 12 Oct 1814 at Greensboro, Greene County, GA
  • Stationed at Camp Covington, near Savannah, GA for the duration of 6-month tour of duty
  • Participated in no battle
  • Discharged 12 Mar 1815 at Sparta, Hancock County, GA
  • File Numbers: Original Pension Application: 22643; Pension Certificate: 14674
  • Widow’s Original Pension Application: 40543; Widow’s Pension Certificate: 31849
  • Bounty Land Warrants: 14573-80-50 and 12019-80-55.

 07 Dec 1850 – Declaration of Service in the War of 1812 – Butts County, GA

Declaration made for the purpose of obtaining Bounty Land under the Act of 28 Sep 1850.

Bounty Land Warrant to be delivered to William Hunt, Washington City, DC, Attorney for Claimant.

 03 Aug 1851 – Note by M. Gallaher for 3rd Auditor

No. 53, Page 171 [significance of this reference is unknown]

Bounty Land Warrant 14573 issued for 80 acres [location of land is not stated] to William Hunt, Present

 04 Apr 1855 – Declaration for Additional Bounty Land – Paulding County, GA

John Lewis declares the 80 acres of bounty land received under the Act of Sep 28, 1850 has been legally disposed of and cannot be returned. He makes declaration for the purpose of obtaining additional bounty land under the Act of Mar 3, 1855.

31 Mar 1871 – Declaration for a Pension – Cobb County, GA

12 Oct 1814 – he was drafted at Greensboro, GA for 6-months tour of duty; stationed at Camp Covington near Savannah for duration of service; did not participate in any battles.

12 Mar 1815 – he was discharged at Sparta, Hancock County, GA.

He has obtained two land warrants for 80 acres each under recent acts of Congress.

John Lewis’s signature appears.

17 Apr 1871 – Testimony of Witnesses – Cobb County, GA

J. W. Hill and Noah Terry testified to the loyalty of John Lewis in regard to his pension application for service in the War of 1812.

 22 Mar 1872 – Brief of Claim for a Survivor’s Pension – Washington, DC

Pension granted to John Lewis – Certificate No. 14674

Pension declaration and identification of soldier was admitted 26 Jul 1871.

Pension for $8.00 per month granted 22 Mar 1872 – retroactive to 14 Feb 1871.

18 Sep 1880 – Pensioner Dropped Notice

John Lewis dropped from pension rolls due to death 28 Jul 1880. Notice filed by D.S. Boynton, Pension Agent to Hon. J. A. Bently, United States Commissioner of Pensions. Widow Lewis paid for the period 04 Jun 1880 to 28 July 1880 in the amount of $14.67.

 16 Oct 1880 – Certified Copy of Marriage Record for John and Rebecca Lewis

State of Georgia, Paulding County} “I, T. C. Dunagan Ordinary in and for said County herby certify the above is a true abstract from Book A of Record of issue and execution of marriage License as exemplified and shown on Page 171.Witness my official signature and seal of Court this 16th day of October 1880. [sig] T. C. Dunagan Ordy”

28 Oct 1880 – Claim of Widow for Pension – Cobb County, GA

Claim filed by Rebecca Lewis under the provisions of Sections 4736-4740 inclusive Revised Statutes and the Act of March 9, 1878 [very faint, spidery handwriting – hard to read]. Description of husband: 5 feet 8 inches tall, black hair and blue eyes. Marriage date and place are given as Henry County, GA – 28 Mar 1856 [Actual marriage record clearly states Paulding County]. States she married first James Draper who died in Butts County, GA on 2 [2nd numeral illegible] Mar 1850. Witnesses: M. P. Lewis and E. L. Lewis [Marion Parker and Emma Luster Lewis, children of John and Rebecca Lewis].

 26 Mar 1881 – Testimony Regarding John Lewis’s First Wife – Cobb County, GA

Affidavit of Mrs. M. J. Parks stating that she knew Susan Lewis and that Susan died in 1855 in Paulding County, GA. T. J. Lunsford, J.P.

 09 Apr 1881 – Testimony Regarding John Lewis’s First Wife – Paulding County, GA

Affidavit of Lucinda Ragsdale stating the same. J. Ragsdale, N.P.

and Affidavit of J. Ragsdale, N. P. stating the same.

Certification by T. C. Dunnagan, Ordinary, that Joseph Ragsdale is a duly commissioned notary public in and for Paulding County, GA.

13 Apr 1881 – Testimony Regarding Rebecca Lewis Widowhood – Cobb County, GA

Affidavit of W. A. Bates that he knows Rebecca Lewis to be the widow of John Lewis and that she has not remarried since the death of her husband. T. J. Lunsford, J.P.

17 Jun 1881 – Widow’s Pension Approved

Widow’s Brief summarizing the service of John Lewis in the War of 1812. Pension Application admitted 16 Jun 1881. Pension to be paid starting 29 July 1880, the day after soldier’s death at the rate of $8.00 per month. Bounty Land Claim given as 12019-80-55.

03 Feb 1904 – Letter from John Henry Lewis to U. S. Pension Agent

John Henry Lewis [son of John and Rebecca Lewis] provided notification that Rebecca Lewis died on 21 Jan 1904. He asks if he, as executor of the Will of John Lewis, can draw the final payment due to Rebecca to defray burial expenses. [No response found in the file.]

06 Feb 1904 – Pensioner Dropped Notice

Pensioner [Rebecca Lewis] dropped due to death on 21 Jan 1904. Last payment was $12.00 to 04 Nov 1903.

NARA File did not include:

  1. Rebecca Lewis’s Widow’s Pension Certificate (2 pages);
  2. 3-page affidavit testifying to the death of John Lewis

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