John Henry Lewis (1856-1940)

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John Henry Lewis Home Place (ca. 1900)

John Henry Lewis was one of the first R.F.D. mail carriers in Cobb County, Georgia. He delivered the mail for 40 years from Acworth to Marietta and back. One of his stops was the historic Lost Mountain Store. He was a farmer, a bailiff, and mail carrier, simultaneously. He was a charter member of the First Methodist Church of Acworth, Cobb County, Georgia. He was secretary of the Sandy Plains Alliance, a local political party. His main interest was protecting the rights of farmers in the area.

John Henry was the son of John Lewis (1790-1899) a veteran of the War of 1812 and Rebecca (Baird) Draper (1824-1904). John Henry married five times and outlived four of his wives. The last three of his children (Thelma, Winston and Walter) were fathered when he was in his 60s.

As a young boy, John Henry saw the Union Army moving through the area and ran miles to alert a Confederate encampment. After injuring his right hand in a cotton gin, he kept a diary in order to learn to write with his left hand. Diaries exist for the years 1887 (including minutes of the Union Reward Society) and 1888. There is also an account book covering numerous years of operation of his store in Story, Cobb County, Georgia. His family Bible went to his fifth wife, Pearl (Winstead) Lewis; its current status and location are unknown.

On January 13, 1890 he was appointed post master at Story, Georgia, where he served until October 28, 1890. The Story post office was established about 18 April 1888 when John H. Story was appointed post master. He served until John Henry Lewis was appointed. Following Lewis was John W. Brooks (28 Oct 1890 – 12 Oct 1891). Then John H. Story was again appointed and served until Wm. H. Crow was appointed on 25 Apr 1902. The post office was discontinued about 25 Oct 1902 and service transferred to Acworth.

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