William E. Wright and Lillious A. Lewis Family Bible

These images are used with permission of the current owner: Harry Lee “Pete” Wallace, Ellijay, Georgia. Transcription of most pages follow the images.

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Marriage Page

This Certifies that Willie E. Wright and Lillious A. Lewis were united in the Bonds of Holy Matrimony at Macland on August 18th in the year 19001 in the presence of Relatives and Friends

Signed: Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Wright [signed on Minister’s line]


John Inman Wright was born July 1. 1901.

Martha Elizabeth Wright was born August 8. 1902.

Theodore Elascola Wright was born April 29. 1905.

Mary Lucy Wright was born Dec 16. 1905.

Claud Lee Wright was born January 26. 1910.

Eva Cornelia Wright was born June 3. 1913.

Willie Florence Wright was born Dec 29. 1914

Emma Lewis Wright was born April 29. 1917.


Willie Elascola Wright was born in the year 1868, departed this life July 15. 1927 age 59 years 5 months and 15 days.

Lillious Lewis Wright was born Nov 10 1883, departed this life Sun, Oct 30th, 1949 age 67 yrs, 11 mo 20 days.

John Inman Wright died Dec 1, 1954, age 53 yrs 5 mo 30 days.

Martha Elizabeth Wright died May 31st 1948, age 45 yrs 9 mo 23 days.


Mary Lucy, daughter of Lillious Alvarado Lewis Wright and Willie Elascola Wright was married to James Lester Seabolt on February 17, 1927

Claude Lee, son of Lillious Lewis Wright and Willie Elascola Wright was married to Annie Leola Garner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Garner, May 26, 1930

Theodore Elascola, son of Mrs. Lillious Lewis Wright and Mr. Willie Elascola Wright was married to Evelyn Edna Osborne, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ma__ Osborne July 21, 1935

Mary Lillian Seabolt born Jan 4 1928 on Powder Spring St, Marietta, Ga

James Lester Seabolt Junior born Oct 15, 1929 on Henderson St, Marietta.

Willard Edward Wright born Jan 21, 1921 on Griggs St, Marietta, Ga.

Martha Ann Matilda Wright, daughter of Mr and Mrs C. L. Wright, was born April 2, 1922 on Cherokee St, Marietta Ga.

Charles Lee Wright, son of Mr and Mrs Claude Lee Wright, was born December 8, 1924 on Park St, Marietta, Ga.

Alva Jane Seabolt, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. L. Seabolt was born August 2, 1923.

Harold Earl Wallace, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold S. Wallace, was born Sept 26, 1936 at the MariettaHospital.

Annie Juanita Seabolt, daughter of Mr and Mrs James Lester Seabolt, was born October 29, 1937 at 510 Lawrence St, Marietta, Ga.


John Bunyan Wright was born April 24, 1828 in West Tennessee not far from the Mississippi line; was Furman University graduate of South Carolina Furman University; teaching was his life work; died Dec 18. 1885 in Pickens Co. Georgia.

Rachel Elizabeth Halcombe Wright was born in Habersham Co. Georgia, in the year 1848 Oct 20. Died May 12 1890 in Cherokee Co. Georgia age 42 year 6 mo 22 days.

Grandchildren of Willie Elascola Wright and Lillious Lewis Wright

Grandchildren are listed in the Bible but are not included here since many are still living.


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