Children of Timothy Reagan (ca 1750-ca 1830) and Elizabeth Trigg (ca 1760-ca 1830) of Sevier County, Tennessee

Timothy Reagan, Power of Attorney, 19 December 1815, to Davis Carter and his wife Caty Carter Madison County, Illinois, Deed Book 6, Pages 206-207-208, Recorded September 7, 1822

This record was discovered in 2013 by Robert C. Evans of Troy, Illinois, a descendant of Davis and Catherine “Caty” (Reagan) Carter, while doing research on Carter and Ragan/Reagan lineage at the Madison County, Illinois court house. Donald B. Reagan, author of The Book of Ragan/Reagan wrote about the find and transcribed it at .

This is the only known document which lists the names of the eleven children of Timothy Reagan and Elizabeth Trigg. It also lists the spouses of the eight married children. The Timothy Reagan family was in Tennessee at the time the document was created. The original perished in a Sevier County, Tennessee, Court House fire in 1856, and was not known to Reagan researchers until found in 2013. This is an excellent example of the need to follow descendants through time. The gems are the reward of careful and thorough research.

Timothy Reagan executed the power of attorney for his family in Sevier County, Tennessee, to Davis Carter and his wife Catherine (Reagan) Carter of Madison County, Illinois, as true and Lawful Attorneys to handle and settle the estate of Rezin [Reason] Reagan (a son of Timothy and Elizabeth) who died in the Illinois territory. The Carters recorded the power of attorney in Illinois, and so it survives today.

It is always recommended that original documents be obtained, if they exist, to support transcriptions. I have transcribed a portion of the document which lists the names of the children of Timothy and Elizabeth, using copies of the original document which I obtained from the Madison County Recorder’s office. That portion of the digitized document is also presented below.

 Please note that the affidavit made by Timothy Reagan clearly states he and Elizabeth had eleven children; however, other researchers state there were thirteen based on some early family-authored writings. I’ve not tried to verify that claim. In 1815, Elizabeth would have been about 55, so it isn’t likely she had two more children after that date. The names in question are: Robert Nelson Reagan and Rhoda (Reagan) Huskey. Their reported ages indicate they would fit in with the children of lawful age in 1815.

Timothy Reagan received a land grant of 50 acres in Sevier County, Tennessee, 1810 from the Governor of the State. The land was in the area which is now Gatlinburg. At the time it was known as White Oak Flats. Timothy, his wife, and various kin are believed to be buried in White Oak Flats Cemetery, located on a hill behind a village-themed shopping area in Gatlinburg. The only access is by walking through the village, according to various online posts.

Affidavit Transcription:

 State of Tennessee.
Severe County Court December Sessions 1815. Present and in their seats the Worshipful Joseph Vance, Josiah Rogers, Andrew Cowen Justices; this day Timothey Reagan senior [came] into open Court and after being duly sworn deposeth and saith that he had Eleven Children sons and daughters born to him in Lawfull Wedlock by his wife Elizabeth, named as follows, to wit, Richard Reagan his Eldest son – Rizen [Reason] Reagan – Rachel Reagan formerly now Rachel Mahan by Entermarriage with Edward Mahan – Nancy Reagan – Sally Reagan – Betsey Reagan formerly now Betsey Emmett by marriage with Philip Emmett, Caty  Reagan formerly, now Caty Carter by Marriage with Davis Carter, Drusilla Reagan formerly now Drusilla Emmett by Marriage with Frederick Emmett, and his three youngest sons (to wit) Timothy Reagan, Jeremiah Reagan and Joshua Reagan all of whom the above named are Brothers and Sisters and now living except for Rezin Reagan above mentioned, whom he the said deponent is Informed, is deceased and died as he the said deponent understands in the Illinois Territory and the said deponent further states that the above named Brothers and Sisters are the true and Lawfull heirs of the estate of above named Rezin Reagan decd and all now of Lawfull age except his three youngest sons above mentioned, (to wit) Timothy Reagan – Jeremiah Reagan and Joshua Reagan aforesaid who are minors and under Lawfull age and are now living under his care and tutition of him the aforesaid Timothy Reagan senr aforesaid their father: Sworn to and subscribed in open Court the 20th day of December one thousand eight hundred and fifteen 1815. Test. Timothy Reagan

Page 207

POA_207_pt 2

Page 208



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