Evidence for the Parents of Eliza Jane (Rainey) Wallace (1862-1911)

Since I began compiling the history of my family, I have searched for the parents of Eliza (see my  post dated 22 May 2013). She was born in 1862 but has not been found on the 1870 U.S. census. The first record found is her marriage in 1878 to Toliver Watson Wallace in Marshall County, Alabama. An affidavit included in the marriage record gives the name of Eliza’s father as William Rainey. There is considerable indirect evidence as to her parentage, but no single document has been found. Until now.

A hand-written, family-authored, document of three pages lists the parents, grandparents, spouse, and children of Thomas Hawkins Wallace, one of the sons of Eliza and Toliver Wallace. It provides similar listing for Tom’s wife, Willie Mae Reynolds. A copy is provided below, courtesy of the current owner, Cynthia Estes, a descendant of Tom and Willie Mae. Used with permission.

The names of Tom’s grandparents are shown as William and Vinis Rainey. I believe that “Vinis” is yet another version of Dwmity [sic], the name that appears on a 1896 deed where William and Dwimity Rainey sold land in Cherokee County, Alabama, to William L. Wallace (brother of Toliver Watson Wallace and son-in-law of William and Dwmity Rainey). Dwimity appears on census records as Lavinia, Vinity, Vinda, Lavinathy,

I’d like to find additional evidence for my conclusion that Eliza’s parents were William and Dwmity Rainey. If you have knowledge or a document, please contact me through the comment section below. Thank you.

THW Family Record_1THW Family Record_3THW Family Record_2


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