King David Hall (1833-1854) & His Family: Entries from Foster-Rice Bible

Here is a transcription from the Bible belonging to Henrietta Elizabeth Hall, who married first William T. Foster and then (after being widowed) Henry Rice. Henrietta was a daughter of King David Hall (1833-1854) and Joanna Wilmyth Hamby (1831-1892). For most of his life, King David Hall lived in Pickens County, Georgia. He was the son of David Hall (ca. 1801-1880) and Delilah (ca. 1808-after 1880).

This transcription is the work of James Hallbert Boling, grandson of Henrietta Elizabeth (Hall) Foster Rice. The transcription and images of Bible pages (see Family Bibles tab) containing names other than most of the transcribed names (below) are provided courtesy Valerie Vesper, a descendant of King David Hall. Valerie can be reached via a comment to this post.

Henrietta Hall Foster Rice Bible transcription