1936 Mount Dora, Florida, High School Play “New Fires”

This photo belonged to Lurlene Rosalie Greene (1916-1999), daughter of Luther Cleveland Greene and Lola Blanche (Hall) Greene.

1936 High School Play_1

Mount Dora High School 1936 Senior Class Play “New Fires”
Left to Right:Mary Norton – Lucinda; Bobby Widmer – Jerry; Lurlene Greene – Mary;  Mortimer McCown – Billy; Mary Agnes Harding – Phyllis; Katherine Killian – Anne; William Stewart – Stephen; Flora J. Morley – Olive; Lee French – Dr. Grey; Helyne Ray – Eve; Buck Sadler – Dick; Coralie Cooper – Suzanne; Willie Kate Grantham – Mrs. Marshall; Doris Gray – Mrs. Sperry; Arthur Haskins – Sid
Full names for some class members were obtained from their signatures on the back of the photo.

1936 High School Play_2

If you are related to one of the people in this photo, please contact me through the “Comments” section.


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