Crow Surname: Union County, Georgia, 1834

While searching for ancestors in the referenced census, I found the following heads of household with the surname “Crow”. My oldest known Crow ancestor was “Nicey” Crow who married William Hadaway on 13 November 1834, probably in Hall County, Georgia. Her father may have been Samuel Crow. Any assistance in verifying this will be greatly appreciated.

1834 Census for Union County, Georgia

 Excerpted from Volume 12, Spring Issue, Number 2

Northwest Georgia Historical & Genealogical Society

Obtained from Washington Memorial Library, Macon, Georgia

Name Males Females
William L. Crow 3 4
John L. Crow 3 4
Isaac ? Crow 2 2
Peter Crow 2 1
James Crow 4 4
John Crow 4 4
William Crow 2 3
Thomas Crow 3 4

White population at time of census in April 1834 was approximately 903.


One thought on “Crow Surname: Union County, Georgia, 1834

  1. Check at Ancestry the tree for CASH, FREEMAN, and all before. My husbands lineage includes CROWs (May originally have been German spelled GROH) from Georgia. They may link to your CROWS.

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