James Terrell Hall (ca. 1826-04 June 1914) and wife, Mahalda Grogan

James Terrell Hall (ca. 1826 – 04 June 1914)

Mahalda/Hulda/Huldah (Grogan) Hall (ca. 1834 – after 1910)

Cherokee, Pickens, Cobb Counties, Georgia

James Terrell Hall is closely associated in place and time with other of my Hall kin in Georgia. I am trying to determine who his parents were. My best guess is David Hall (ca. 1800 – March 1880) and his wife, Delilah __?__ (ca. 1808 – after 1880). According to the Indigent Soldier Pension Application filed in Georgia by a known son, Calvin Hall (June 1834 – 16 June 1907), the family came to Georgia in 1844, probably from North Carolina.

James T. Hall and Calvin Hall served in Company G of the 8th Georgia Battalion in the War of Southern Independence and were witnesses for each other’s pension applications. Calvin stated he was born in North Carolina and James T. stated he was born in Spartanburg, South Carolina. James stated that he had moved into Georgia in 1844, the same year given by Calvin Hall. David and Delilah (__?__) Hall are first found in the 1850 U.S. census in Cherokee County, Georgia. Later they lived in Pickens and Cobb Counties, Georgia. Calvin and James T. are also found in those counties.

James and Hulda were married on 14 October 1849 in Cherokee County, Georgia. They had five known children: John Henry (born ca. 1854); Mary A. (born ca. 1859); James (born ca. 1863); Ida (born ca. 1875); and Hettie (born ca. 1879). On the 1900 U.S. census, Hudah is credited with 7 children born, 3 living. In 1920 she is credited with 6 children born and 3 living.

A time line for James Terrell Hall was created to examine known relationships at various times and places and to assist in analyzing the data collected to date. The time line can be accessed via this link:


The question of his parents is still unresolved. Perhaps another Hall researcher may be able to help. Please contact me via the comment section below if you would like to share information or to request source information.