O. C. Powell, Affidavit of 1863, Jackson County, Georgia

Affidavits of O. C. Powell and

N. H. Stephens, widow of A. N. Stephens

Jackson County, Georgia

29 August 1863


[These affidavits were found in the file of A. N. Stephens at Fold3.com: Civil War/Civil War Service Records/Confederate Records/Georgia/24th Infantry/S/Stephens, A N. They were made in support of the affidavit of N. H. Stephens, widow of A. N. Stephens, for her claim to any monies due to A. N. Stephens at the time of his death. Her affidavit is presented first.]

Affidavit of N. H. Stephens

Georgia, Jackson County} on this 29th August 1863 personally appeared before me the subscriber James Lindsey one of the Justices of the Inferior court in and for the County aforesaid N. H. Stephens who after being sworn according to law deposes and says that she is the widow of A. N. Stephens, deceased who was a private of Captain E. Winn Company F 24 Regiment of Georgia Volunteers commanded by Colonel Robert McMillian in the service of the Confederate States in the present war with the United States that the said A. N. Stephens entered the service at Lawrenceville Gwinnett County and state aforesaid on or about 15th March 1862 and he was killed at Crapton [Crampton] Gap in the state of Maryland on or about 17th September 1862 while in the line of his duty leaving N. H. Stephens widow only heir and that she makes this deposition for the purpose of obtaining from the Government of the Confederate States whatever my have been due the said A. N. Stephens at the time of his death for pay bounty or other allowances for  his service.

Sworn [&] subscribed before me.

[sig] James Lindsey J.I.C.   [sig] N. H. Stephens

Stephens, NH-affidavit

 Affidavit of O. C. Powell

And on the same day and year aforesaid also appeared before me a justice of the Inferior County aforesaid O. C. Powell who is well known to me and whom I hereby certify to be a person of veracity & credibility who having been by me duly sworn on oath saith that he is well acquainted with N. H. Stephens the claimant and also well knew for years A. N. Stephens the deceased soldier herein mentioned and that the statement made under oath by said N. H. Stephens the claimant as to the relationship to the said deceased soldier is true and correct in every particular to the best of my knowledge and belief & that the said O. C. Powell is wholly disinterested.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 29th August 1863.

[sig] James Lindsey J.I.C.               [sig] O. C. Powell

 Powell, OC-affidavit

This affidavit of O. C. Powell is important because it not only has his signature, but shows he was alive as of 29 August 1863. No service record has been found for him and the only other evidence that he served in the War is the listing of his wife’s name on the 1863 Bartow County, Georgia, Salt List where she is shown as “Mrs. O. C. Powell, widow of deceased soldier.” If you know of connections between the Powell and Stephens families of Bartow, Elbert, Forsyth, Fulton, Gwinnett, Jackson, Madison or Union Counties in Georgia, please contact me using the comment section below. I am happy to exchange information.

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