Edwin Harmon Green (ca1812-ca1908) – His Siblings & Parents

Very little is known regarding the parents and siblings of Edwin Harmon Green. His father’s name has been passed down as “Rancer.” A cousin in Alabama speculates that it could have been a corruption of “Grandsir,” an old term for grandfather. I’ve never found a person by that name or similar spelling in any record, either online or on paper. And,  EXCEPT for the following Guion Miller Roll application, I’ve never found possible names for Edwin’s father & siblings – please read on.

Edwin Harmon Green suddenly appears in Rutherford County, N. C. where he married Nancy Crow Smith in 1839. Their third known child, John Calvin Green, was born in Spartanburg, Spartanburg County, S. C., in 1843. The family moved to Georgia about 1844 and settled in Bartow County by 1850. They remained there until about the late 1880s when they moved to Alabama to live with their son, William Roland Green.

In 1907, John Calvin Green, son of Edwin, filed an application for compensation due from the United States to descendants of the Eastern Cherokee Nation under various treaties. This was the 1906 Eastern Cherokee Roll, also known as the Miller Roll of 1906 for Guion Miller who was in charge of compiling it. An index to the roll is online and copies can be obtained from the National Archives or from microfilm which can be ordered from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, through your local Family Search Center (familysearch.org has a list that can be searched by zip code).

John’s application (No. 40176) was rejected, but contains the following information in Questions 17-20. His son, James E. Green also filed an application (No. 38130) which was rejected.  [Text in brackets added for clarity.]

Q 17.  State English and Indian names of your grandparents on both father’s and mother’s side, if possible:

A.  Father’s Side. [Grandfather:] John Calvin Green; [Grandmother:] Don’t remember [Indian names not given.]

A.  Mother’s Side: [Grandfather:] _____ Smith; [Grandmother:] Mime Pool (Indian &  maiden name of my grandmother)

Q 18.  Where were they born?

A.  Don’t Know

Q 19.  Where did they reside in 1851, if living at that time?

A.  Dead

Q 20. Give names of all their children, and residence, if possible:

A. (1) Richard L. Green,  Dead (2) Rowlen Green, Dead (3) Richard Green, Dead (4) Thomas Green, Dead (5) Edward H. Green, Alabama [this is Edwin Harmon Green, aka Edward H.] (6) Calvin Green, Dead (7) Jack Green, Dead (8) Daniel Green, Dead (9) Caroline Green, Dead (10) Elizabeth Green, Dead (11) May Green, Dead

If any of these names are found in your family lines, please comment below. I am happy to share what I have on this line, which appears to come from Spartanburg County, S.C., possibly briefly into North Carolina, and then into Bartow County, Georgia, and nearby counties. Some descendants later moved to Blount and St. Clair Counties, Alabama.




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