Missing Ancestors – John Crenshaw and Martha White (born ca. 1820, maybe), possibly in the Carolinas or Georgia

John and Martha are believed to be the parents of my maternal great-great-grandmother, Martha Crenshaw, who married Caswell Hall in Pickens County, Georgia, on 18 October 1858. Martha and Caswell have been found in the 1860 U.S. census (Pickens County, Ga.), 1870 (Fulton Co., Ga.), and 1880 (Cobb Co., Ga.). Martha’s birth year is estimated as 1842-1845, based on the three records.

The only indication I have that Martha and John Crenshaw are my ancestors is found in a set of family genealogy notes shared with me by a cousin.  It is said, and the notes indicate, that they also had a son named Turner Crenshaw, who at one time lived in or near Atlanta. I don’t know anything else about him and haven’t found any definitive records that tie anyone of that name to John and Martha Crenshaw.

I’d be very grateful to hear from any researcher who is familiar with these families and am happy to share information.

6 thoughts on “Missing Ancestors – John Crenshaw and Martha White (born ca. 1820, maybe), possibly in the Carolinas or Georgia

  1. Hi Blanche! I come from a long line of Crenshaws all the way back to at least 1669 in Virginia. We match on FTDNA. I’ll contact you there.

  2. I’m a Crenshaw descendant and my Crenshaws came to Missouri with a Wallace family. Some of the descendants have the given name “Wallace”.

  3. Thank you for the comment. My Crenshaw line is on my mother’s side (several generations back) and Wallace is my father’s direct line. I don’t know of any interaction between the two lines at this time. Did your Crenshaw line come from Georgia or the Carolinas? Good luck with your research. Blanche

    • Mine were originally in Lunenburg Va and went to Henderson Ky, Franklin County Illinois and then to Morgan County, Missouri and they traveled with a Wallace family. John Crenshaw was born in Va and died in MO

  4. I am a match also on Family Finder and I really do not recognize many of the names but my roots that are most likely to match are from the Newberry area of South Carolina

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