Family History Research of Blanche M. Wallace

The purpose of this series of pages is to share the research I began in 2005. Please explore the various tabs to see what I’ve collected so far on the families I’m researching. I will continue to add information and will endeavor to document each and every fact that you find here so that you can verify for yourself that the material is correct. I’d love to hear from anyone with knowledge of any of the folks I write about. Your comments, corrections, additions will always be appreciated.

You can leave a comment on any page and I will respond. Please let me hear from you.


5 thoughts on “Family History Research of Blanche M. Wallace

  1. Thanks for your reply. I will be glad to share the children of Martha Wallace Young. I just am getting started on this line. My aunt Helen Young Chafin did not leave any descendants.

  2. i’d love to talk to you. i found a link for a blanche wallace doing research on my family line too. looks like we’re cousins. my great great grandfather is james anderson wallace, son of toliver, son of james, son of lt. william wallace.

  3. Update: Kathryn and I have determined that James Anderson Wallace is not a descendant of Toliver Wallace. It should be noted also that Y-DNA testing has proven that Toliver and James are not descended from Lt. William Wallace of Rutherford County, NC. Contact me for more information.

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